Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Members List

Here under are the tentative list of organizations whom the USJR-UFSC recognizes:

Alpha Tau Omega (Pilipinas)
Alpha Kappa Rho
Alpha Phi Omega
Adamas Nu Omega
Alpha Phi Epsilon
Alpha Sigma Omega (Sioux)
Alpha Phi Upsilon
Beta Gamma Rho
Fox Theta Delta
Gamma Phi Sigma
Gamma Epsilon
Kappa Omega Sigma Lambda
Order of Demolay
Pi Gamma Phi
Tau Gamma Phi

If your organization is not listed above, please email us at


scathzknight said...

congrats on ur website! vinceremos tei! - Hon. Neil E. Enriquez AB.MM.LLB, Councilor, 1st District Cebu. Grand Archon Order of Scathz Kappa Omega Sigma Fraternity & Lambda Omega Sigma Sorority, Int'l. UFSC member 1995

Arty kulaS said...

pwede mo buy ana?pila na mga tshirt?

United Fraternity and Sorority Council of the University of San Jose Recoletos said...

@Scathzknight: Thank you for your patronage to UFSC, our deepest appreciation to your support to the organization.

@Arty Kulas: Please coordinate with your existing chapter in USJR for the tshirt that you want to buy.

BOKI said...

KMZTA MGA BRODER knsa nai bgo president rn nsai update na sa org rn nato

Anon Kill said...

Hello brods buhi pa ang org hadton ron.

Unknown said...

Hello ufsc! Love you mga broder! The best usjr ufsc!

Unknown said...

hi good evning all framan..musta tanan