Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Members List

Here under are the tentative list of organizations whom the USJR-UFSC recognizes:

Alpha Tau Omega (Pilipinas)
Alpha Kappa Rho
Alpha Phi Omega
Adamas Nu Omega
Alpha Phi Epsilon
Alpha Sigma Omega (Sioux)
Alpha Phi Upsilon
Beta Gamma Rho
Fox Theta Delta
Gamma Phi Sigma
Gamma Epsilon
Kappa Omega Sigma Lambda
Order of Demolay
Pi Gamma Phi
Tau Gamma Phi

If your organization is not listed above, please email us at

University of San Jose Recoletos Greek & Non-Greek life!

The council primarily promotes camaraderie among the Greek and Non-Greek community in the university. It divulges itself to service as its second objective.

It is established to have a peaceful and harmonious environment among the members of the council. Thus, United Fraternity and Sorority Council is formed.

The purpose is also to erase the negative thoughts of the common people about Fraternities and Sororities. The council holds on to activities which makes fruitful results.